Awarding Authorities Play Key Role in Prevailing Wage Compliance

The Foundation for Fair Contracting of Massachusetts announces a new Public Construction Watch column designed to recognize Massachusetts municipal and state awarding authorities who demonstrate accountability for compliance with public construction laws. Awarding authorities must receive, maintain and review certified payroll records to ensure prevailing wage compliance. Section 28 of the same law provides construction […]

Risking My Job By Asking for Overtime?

Dear Compliance Man, I’m a construction worker and since I’ve worked for my boss I’ve never seen overtime. There are times when I’ll work well over 40 hours and not get overtime. Isn’t this illegal? You’re probably thinking: why don’t you just say something to your boss? I guess I never had the courage, but […]

What Exactly is the FFCM and What Can It Do For Me?

Dear Compliance Man, I recently received a letter from you people in the mail. It had my name, the company I’ve been working for and the project we’re working on. Then it had the amount of money I guess I’m supposed to be making, but what I am getting is a lot less than that. […]

Payments Are Perpetually Late

Dear Compliance Man: My boss has a habit of paying us late. Is there anything we can do? –Overdue in Otis Dear Overdue: Your boss may be late with the checks, but he’s on time when it comes to breaking the law. Under Massachusetts law, late payment of wages is NOT allowed. Chapter 149, Section […]

Compliance Man FAQs

In every Wage Watch issue, Compliance Man answers your questions about your rights as a public construction worker. And plenty of questions there are—I get letters, phone calls and e-mails from workers just like you almost every day. While I love hearing from you (keep the questions coming!), many of the queries are very similar. […]