Does the Prevailing Wage Pertain To Me?

Dear Compliance Man, Where does the “prevailing wage” come from and how do I know if it applies to me? -Paulo in Fall River, MA Dear Paulo, There is a long answer to your question and I won’t bore you with details here (Give me a call if you want the full run-down). The prevailing […]

Long on Hours, Short on Pay

Dear Compliance Man, I worked construction last year on a public job and I’m pretty sure I got paid less than what I was supposed to be getting. If I’m right and my former boss owes me money, how do I get it back? What happens to him if it turns out that he was […]

Can My Wages Change Based on The States I Work In?

Dear Compliance Man, My husband is a heavy equipment operator for a company based in New England. Almost all the roadwork that they do is in Massachusetts, but he only receives the rate for our state, which is lower. Is he entitled to the MA rate when he is working there? –An Inquiring Wife Dear Inquiring Wife, […]