Does the Prevailing Wage Pertain To Me?

Dear Compliance Man, Where does the “prevailing wage” come from and how do I know if it applies to me? -Paulo in Fall River, MA Dear Paulo, There is a long answer to your question and I won’t bore you with details here (Give me a call if you want the full run-down). The prevailing […]

Often Owned Overtime

Dear Compliance Man: My husband works for a small construction company in Western Massachusetts. He gets several different rates of pay, depending on the job, but his base pay is lower. My question is about his overtime. His employer will only pay him “straight time” not time and a half. Also, this pay is paid cash, and not […]

Long on Hours, Short on Pay

Dear Compliance Man, I worked construction last year on a public job and I’m pretty sure I got paid less than what I was supposed to be getting. If I’m right and my former boss owes me money, how do I get it back? What happens to him if it turns out that he was […]

Working in Worcester? My Employer Says I Did…

Dear Compliance Man, I recently got a mailing from you folks and it showed me working on a construction project way out in Worcester. Well, I’ve never worked out there. So why would my name show up on some project that I’ve never worked on? — Confused in Canton Dear Confused, Unfortunately the situation you described happens […]

But I’m an Employee, Right?

Dear Compliance Man: I got hired as a painter six months ago. I was happy to find work but there’s always been something kind of funny about this job. My boss says that we’re not employees but independent painters. Since I started, I’ve worked on a couple of schools and some private stuff and I […]